The Bookstore Culprit by Patrick John Dee

Posted: January 14, 2013 in My Own Works.., Poetry

The Bookstore Culprit


One day, I went to a bookstore

It’s not a surprise,

I always go there,

To look at the books of lies.


New books were there,

But I found some lost ones,

I reckoned they’d been hidden

By someone who loves guns


But then I realized something,

Smiling towards the shelf,

Someone hid it because,

He got no money but wants it for himself


And then the bitch in my head talked,

I did what it asked,

I hid the book to another place,

Because I want to see his disappointed face.


7:06 PM, Bedroom, 1/12/2013

–Patrick John Dee

(C) The Daily Patrick 2013

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